Some of the annoying habits at PolitiFact is the tendency to deal with customary political rhetoric as some form of falsehood. Take Congressman Jody Hice (R-Georgia), who tweeted on November 12 in regards to the Democrats, “If they really wished unity, they wouldn’t have spent 4 years refusing to acknowledge Trump’s 2016 victory.” 

Anybody who watches politics is aware of Hice’s that means. Democrats perpetually advised Donald Trump gained the election by way of collusion with a international energy, the Russians. The cloud of a felony collusion hung over most of his presidency, after which reworked into an impeachment campaign based mostly on communications he had with the federal government of Ukraine. In brief, Democrats (and their media allies) appeared devoted to ending the Trump presidency earlier than it even bought began.

Democrats additionally railed towards Trump for shedding the favored vote, however profitable by way of the Electoral Faculty, and advised the Electoral Faculty needs to be scrapped.

PolitiFact contributing writer Hayat Norimine nods to those Republican factors, however returns proper again round to the plainest attainable studying: Hillary Clinton conceded, DNC chair Donna Brazile congratulated him, Barack Obama welcomed him into the White Home. She wrote up Hice as “False.” She concluded: 

Hice claimed that Democrats have spent 4 years refusing to acknowledge Trump’s 2016 victory.

Whereas there have been some dissident voices that questioned the legitimacy of Trump’s election, prime Democrats acknowledged Trump’s win and referred to him because the president-elect lower than a day after election outcomes turned clear. These leaders included Clinton, Obama, Democratic leaders in Congress and the DNC. 

Trump and his supporters have claimed that the investigation into Russian involvement within the election and the 2019 impeachment represented Democrats’ refusal to just accept the 2016 election end result. The conclusion that Russia interfered within the election was supported by legislation enforcement, intelligence companies and a bipartisan Senate panel, not simply Democrats. And the impeachment was a response to a whistleblower’s criticism about alleged wrongdoing.

Hice goes too far in his declare that Democrats spent 4 years refusing to acknowledge Trump’s victory, and offers no proof for it.

We fee this declare False.

Simply different liberals, PolitiFact tries to confuse expenses of Russian collusion with “Russian interference.” PolitiFact’s 2017 “Lie of the 12 months” pulled the identical trick. In an interview, Trump instructed NBC anchorman Lester Holt “This Russian factor, with Trump and Russia is a made-up story.” They claimed Trump was denying Russian interference, not denying collusion.

They summed up Trump’s Massive Lie as “Russian interference is a ‘made-up story.'” However Trump had acknowledged Russian interference, even before he was inaugurated. 

They will uncharitably parse obscure Republican rhetoric as “False,” after which go fully limp on Democrat rhetoric. For instance, additionally in Georgia, PolitiFact and the opposite “impartial fact-checkers” have never pulled Stacey Abrams over for a “False” ticket for claiming she really gained her race for governor in 2018. 


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