Trump responded to a chant of lock them up, by suggesting that he’ll lock up Obama and Biden for treason if he wins.


In response to the lock them up chants directed at Obama and Biden, Trump stated, “Let’s see what occurs. Let’s see what occurs. Very dishonest individuals. You’re proper. On that you simply’re proper. You recognize, there are lots of people that decision that treason, okay? That’s treason.”

For the millionth time, Trump’s campaign was not spied on. Quite a few investigations have all reached the identical conclusion that the intelligence neighborhood didn’t spy on Trump and that Obama and Biden didn’t direct the intelligence neighborhood to spy on Trump.

Trump additionally doesn’t know the definition of treason, which is the crime of plotting to overthrow the federal government. Since Obama and Biden have been the president and vp on the time, it may very well be argued that the Trump marketing campaign have been those who have been strolling near treason of their dances with Putin.

The rhetoric of accusing critics and political opponents of treason is why Trump must be crushed soundly on the poll field as a result of the concepts that he’s spreading are lethal and harmful to the nation.

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